Alpen-Adria-Universitaet Klagenfurt
46. Jahrestagung, Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI), Klagenfurt/Österreich
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Planen/Scheduling und Konfigurieren/Entwerfen (PuK)

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Montag, 26.09 | 09:00 - 17:30h
Raum HS 8

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This year, the PuK workshop can celebrate its 30th anniversary. It has been the regular meeting of the special interest group on planning, scheduling, design and configuration within the AI section of the GI. As in previous years the PuK workshop brings together researchers and practitioners of the areas of planning, scheduling, design and configuration. It provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, evaluations and experiences especially in the use of AI techniques within these application and research areas.

Focus: Applications and Retrospective

As we have done in earlier workshops, we intend to focus on specific areas of interest.

On one hand it is the practical use of the tools and techniques developed in the area of planning, scheduling and configuration. Thus complete systems and application areas in which the approaches are used shall be in the focus of the interest. This focus shall also help to attract the workshop to practitioners in the field, who are invited to present practical problems and to discuss their experiences, concepts, and ideas. It is also intended to stimulate a mutual exchange with the researchers on our common field's future directions. Thus, an additional goal of this part of the workshop is the support of research planning.

On the other hand we will try to present a little retrospective on 30 workshops on planning, scheduling and configuration.