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46. Jahrestagung, Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI), Klagenfurt/Österreich
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ICT-based Interventions for Water and Heat Energy Conservation

Zeit und Ort

Freitag, 30.09. | 09:00 - 12:30h Raum E.2.05
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The ambitious goals of the energy transition can only be achieved by using modern information and communication technology (ICT). The fields of application comprise automation and control systems in virtually every domain as well as support systems that motivate and enable consumers to make decisions and form habits that support a sustainable development.

Sitzung 1

Moderation Thorsten Staake, Universität Bamberg
09:15-09:30h Einführung
Thorsten Staake, Universität Bamberg

09:30-10:00h Non intrusive disaggregation of water consumption
Ilya Kozlovskiy, Universität Bamberg

10:00-10:30h A Descriptive Analysis of Shower Data
Liliane Ableitner, ETH Zürich

Sitzung 2

Moderation Anna Kupfer, Universität Bamberg
11:00-11:30h The Potential of Flow Restrictors in the Shower
Liliane Ableitner, ETH Zürich

11:30-12:00h Determinants of adopting technological feedback devices and water conservation behaviors
Christian Sartorius, Fraunhofer ISI Karlsruhe

12:00-12:30h Closing Discussion