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46. Jahrestagung, Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI), Klagenfurt/Österreich
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Energieinformatik 2016

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Donnerstag-Freitag 29.09. - 30.09. | 09:00 - 17:30h
Call for Papers


D-A-CH+ Energy Informatics is a joint initiative of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, and the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (http://www.smartgrids-dach.eu/).

The ambitious D-A-CH targets for reducing greenhouse gas emission and enlarging the share of renewable energy sources result in a trend towards increasingly complex “systems of systems” . In the energy system, integration of heterogeneous and often networked components has become indispensable. Energy Informatics is developing the IT-based solutions required for achieving these targets and managing the complexity of the paradigm shift in energy systems.

The objective of Energy Informatics 2016 is to act as a promotor of innovative information and communication technologies and to foster the transfer between computer science and the energy application field. The conference addresses both scientists and practitioners.


Friederich Kupzog
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
Friederich Kupzog
Wilfried Elemenreich
Universität Klagenfurt
Wilfried Elmenreich


  • H.-Jürgen Appelrath, OFFIS (DE)
  • Jörg Benze, T-Systems MMS (DE)
  • Wilfried Elmenreich, Uni Klagenfurt (AT)
  • Dominik Engel, FH Salzburg (AT)
  • Elgar Fleisch, ETHZ + Uni St. Gallen (CH)
  • Wolfgang Gawlik, TU Wien (AT)
  • Veit Hagenmeyer, KIT (DE)
  • Ulrich Hofmann, Salzburg Research (AT)
  • Kai Hufendiek, Uni Stuttgart (DE)
  • Hans Arno Jacobsen, TUM (DE)
  • Andrea Kollmann, Energieinstitut Linz (AT)
  • Friederich Kupzog, AIT (AT)
  • Rainer Kyburz, HSLU Luzern (CH)
  • Sebastian Lehnhoff, OFFIS (DE)
  • Miroslaw Malek, USI (CH)
  • Christoph Mayer, OFFIS (DE)
  • Peter Palensky, TU Delft (NL)
  • Wolfgang Pree, Uni Salzburg (AT)
  • Silvia Santini, TU Dresden (DE)
  • Christoph Schaffer, FH Oberösterreich (AT)
  • Hartmut Schmeck, KIT (DE)
  • Hans-Peter Schwefel, Aalbourg University (AT + DK)
  • Michael Sonnenschein, Uni Oldenburg (DE)
  • Thorsten Staake, Uni Bamberg + ETHZ (D + CH)
  • Anke Weidlich, FH Offenburg (DE)
  • Christof Weinhardt, KIT (DE)